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Trina Gray Empowers the Audience

Why Trina Gray?

When you invite Trina Gray to your event or podcast, you’re not just hiring a speaker — you’re igniting a transformation. Trina’s uniquely energetic and insightful approach stems from her extensive experience in sectors like small business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth. She doesn’t just talk about these topics – she lives them daily.

Sample Presentation Topics

  • The Grit, Grind and Gift of Small Business
  • Truths & Myths of Success
  • Find Healing in Helping
  • Take Radical Ownership & Other Secrets of The World Class

“I am always amazed how you can speak as though it is just the two of us in a room chatting like old friends. You are exactly the leader that I strive to be.”

“Thank you for opening up about the very difficult things you have endured and showed that “it is not what happens to you in life but how you react to it. What a life lesson for us all.”

Harness Trina’s Expertise And Passion

Trina navigates the dynamic world of fitness careers and health club ownership with a hands-on approach that keeps her firmly at the forefront of industry trends. She’s an expert at creating corporate wellness programs that truly make a difference, enhancing productivity, and promoting a healthier lifestyle for all employees.

Invite A Champion Of Personal Growth And Wellness

As a passionate advocate for personal growth and healthy lifestyles, Trina shares practical strategies that have transformed her life and the lives of many others.

She believes in the power of habits and demonstrates how to implement them to foster physical health and mental wellbeing.

Book a Speaker Who Understands The Challenges of Parenthood And Business

Trina knows firsthand the struggles of juggling a career and family life. With her pragmatic and empathetic approach, she offers actionable advice to achieve a fulfilling balance between career and family.

Trina Gray Champion of Personal Growth and Wellness
Trina Gray Champion of Personal Growth

Partner With A Strong Advocate For Equality

Trina’s advocacy for inclusivity, equality, and understanding extends to all spheres of her work, including LGTBQ issues. She champions diversity and believes in creating an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and respected.

Empower Your Audience With Trina

Invite Trina to your next event or podcast, and let her empower your audience with her energetic presence, personal anecdotes, and practical insights. Remember, with Trina, you’re not just getting a speaker; you’re partnering with a passionate advocate and transformation catalyst.

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Some of Trina’s Presentations

Some of Trina’s Business Talks

Some of Trina’s Guest Appearances on Podcasts

Here’s some recent audience feedback.

Trina Gray is celebrated for her authentic, vulnerable, and impactful speeches. Many are deeply moved by her words, with some even brought to tears. Her messages, particularly on the themes of “service as a solution” and “healing in helping,” resonate profoundly with her audience.

She’s praised for her ability to connect on a personal level, making listeners feel as though they’re in a one-on-one conversation. Trina’s insights on life’s challenges and reactions to them serve as valuable life lessons.

She’s admired not only for her words but also for her genuine heart and leadership. Her speeches often evoke strong emotional reactions, from chills to tears, and her audience consistently feels inspired by her dedication, strength, and the powerful lessons she imparts.

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