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Speaker. Fitness Leader. Mentor.  

Trina Gray Brings the energy

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Fire up your audience, move people to action. Trina weaves personal stories into lessons.

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Live a high performance life with healthy habits. Trina offers tools to support for your fit lifestyle.

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 Grow your life and career with personal development. Trina has tools and mentoring to help. 

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Build an online fitness business to earn income on your terms. Trina has a proven model. 

About Trina Gray

Trina Gray is a speaker and entrepreneur who built three award-winning businesses in the fitness industry and in direct sales while raising two amazing kids and avoiding burnout.

She is a gifted communicator who weaves in personal stories to teach lessons about leveling up your business and life.

She’s honest, vulnerable, and witty. Her journey is remarkable – from an unemployed journalist at 25-years old to a debt-free, seven-figure earner at 40-years old. She lives in small-town, rural America and travels internationally to share her message of leadership and radical ownership.

She has experienced family trauma, personal setbacks, and business defeats.

She helps others dream bigger. Her message resonates with audiences of all ages and stages of life.

Trina Gray Speaking at Closing Session Team Beachbody