If you know me, you know what WTF stands for…!
I just interviewed a fitness mom on a national call tonight about her failures and successes. She was laid off of her high-paying corporate job less than a month ago. She has to make an income for her family while her husband finishes school this year. She could have crumbled, freaked out, or given up. But she didn’t. She said that instead of talking ABOUT her problems, she talked TO them and found a solution. She started an on-line fitness business and has re-ignited her dreams & passion in life.

She’s on a mission to get in the best shape of her life, create an amazing income for her family, help others reach their dreams and give money to her church…and she’s making it happen. She told me that a lesson I did on identifying your six roles in life really helped her FOCUS. Oh that is music to my ears. If you are everywhere, you are no where. If you try to be everything, you are nothing. But when you focus on just 6 keys roles in life… you can be amazing.

How can you start? Make a list of all the hats you where. Narrow it down to the six that matter most to you in your life right now.  It’s hard. But it’s necessary. You don’t have to prioritize them, it changes daily. Just know what six roles matter most and make sure your calendar (your life!) represents that. If your role as a mom matters, do you have quality time set aside for your child, without television, or laptop or phones? If your role as spouse matters, do you set aside time to just talk, connect, or have date nights? If your role as manager matters, do you make time to talk to your team about their lives, their struggles and congratulate them on their successes? Do you read books that will make you better in those roles? Do you say “No” to things that conflict with those roles. To be impactful, you have to be focused.  Go deep!!