As a working mom, the concept of work-life BALANCE is tough. So, instead of just ignoring it, I am choosing to redefine it. I believe more in being work-life PRESENT.  I am a wife, mom, business owner, fitness coach and presenter. There is not a single day of the year that I’m completely balanced, spending  equal time in each role in life (e.g. four hours as a mom, four hours as a wife, four hours as a business owner).  But I do believe that every single day, I am fully present in the role of the moment.  And that makes me feel balanced. Let me explain.

When I’m working, I’m fully focused on work and I make the most of my time. I have done a lot of professional development, and learning to become more disciplined with my time. Sure, I’d love to just scan the FB newsfeed, page through magazines or chat with my best friend on the phone. But when I’m working, I’m working.  I make an action list and I rock through it. I try hard not to get distracted. I shut off texts, emails, and FB notifications when I’m writing or leading a coaching call or designing a workout. I stay present and in the moment. I have learned to get more done with less time. Because I need MORE time for other things in life. Don’t you? Yes!

Likewise, when I’m with my husband and kids, I’m fully with them. I shut off my laptop, flip my phone to silent and just enjoy the moment. We have real conversations, we talk about our days, our dreams, our struggles and we laugh. We go out with the dog, out for an SUP, we do homework, we watch The Voice together, we make meals, we read books, we play catch and we just be!

When I travel, it gets tough. I choose to present in the fitness industry and that takes me away from home about once per month. I love speaking, it fuels me. I love to share, to teach, to give! I don’t regret my decision to travel. I have to own it and make the best of it. But the choice is hard. When I’m gone (as I am right now when I’m writing this), I have to be in the moment, meeting new people, teaching others and learning myself. This time away from family and my business will make me better when I’m back home. I believe that.

Instead of stressing about the dilemma of work-life balance, redefine it. Be fully present.