There were many reasons to stay home on Monday…. work, to-do lists, calls, meetings… but there was one compelling reason for an impromptu road trip on the kids’ day off of school. #adventure. That won. So, we went to Mackinac City and back and had just enough time to get homemade fudge… oops, I mean see the famous bridge, play at the park and visit some shops.
I made it home in time to teach Monday night TurboKick at Bay Athletic Club (can’t live without it!) and got in 6 hours of work tonight instead. Yes, I missed some sleep, but it was worth it.
It reminds me of a great quote that I love: “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!”
As a national presenter, online fitness coach and owner of two fitness clubs, my weekends also fill up quickly with computer work, video conferences and housework. But it is important to just GET OUT and PLAY sometimes too. This weekend I jumped in on a heart-pounding game of kickball with my kids and their friend. Two-on-two kickball means a lot of running! Colt and I squeaked out an 8-7 win, but it was the game more than the final score that mattered most. We squeezed in every ounce of daylight. Playing keeps us young. It also keeps us present in life.
Go create memories in your life (and work hard!) Make a life you love, not just a living!