I love firing up audiences world-wide with candidness, humor and a passion for life. I speak within the fitness industry to clubs, conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions on topics of leadership, high performance, team building, corporate fitness, fitness marketing, social media, and specialty boot camps.

Where have I spoken?
In the past five years, I’ve delivered more than 40 presentations at some of the top fitness seminars and conventions in the world.
I lead in-depth training workshops and deliver inspiring keynote presentations.

  • IDEA Health and Fitness World Convention – LA, Las Vegas and San Diego
  • IDEA Personal Training Institute – Seattle and Alexandria, VA
  • IHRSA International Convention and Trade Show – Las Vegas and San Francisco
  • Todd Durkin’s Exclusive Mentorship Retreat – San Diego
  • NEHRSA Convention – Providence, RI
  • Fit Life Seminar – Bend, OR
  • Camp DO MORE- Anaheim, CA
  • Beachbody Annual Coach Summit – Las Vegas
  • Beachbody Leadership Retreat – Dana Pointe, CA and Scottsdale

I also speak to organizations outside the fitness industry on leadership, high performance, work-life balance and living an inspired life. Is that you? If so, let’s connect and make a plan for your organization to turn up the dial on success. I have shared the stage with Brian Tracy, NYT best-selling author and international presenter and Darren Hardy, editor and CEO of Success Magazine.

Contact, Business Director or call Amanda at Bay Athletic Club at 989-356-5600

Trina Speaking

Hello Trina, I want to thank you again for presenting at NEHRSA’s Spring Conference this year . . . We couldn’t have put on this event without you! Attached are your session evaluations that were returned to me for each of your sessions. The feedback looks very positive and I think everyone really enjoyed your session, so thank you . . . I knew they would!! Thank you for your continued support of NEHRSA and I look forward to working together again soon!


Hi Trina! Thank you for the great workshop today. You really touched on my beliefs and gave me enthusiasm to succeed in my new adventure! I am purchasing a building on Main Street in my small town of 6500 people to open a 24/7 access fitness center. It is 9000 square feet. Your vision and success are very much aligned with my goals. Would you be willing to mentor me? I am not sure exactly how yet, but I want what you have!!
Jamie Sura, IDEA WORLD Attendee


Trina, I really enjoyed both of your presentations at the IHRSA Convention. Thank you for making your Corporate Fitness Challenge kit available to IHRSA members. I am hopeful that it will help us jump start the program at our clubs. Keep up the passion and the innovation. You’re setting a great example for the club operators across the industry.


Hi Trina! Just left your presentation and just wanted to tell you that you shared a lot of great information…you have inspired me to start doing boot camps in the way you run your business, with heart and with a focus on creating success stories. I love the way you manage your team. I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that I appreciate you and all the information you gave out today and that you are a great inspiration! I hope to keep in touch with you.
Melissa Savala, IDEA WORLD Attendee


Trina, Thanks for a very engaging session at IHRSA. Your passion for what you do was very evident and infectious. Everything you have done and continue to do for your community is truly inspirational. Really appreciate the terrific insights and real life applications. Continued best wishes and I look forward to staying in touch. Thank you.
Anish Manrai, IHRSA Convention Attendee


Dear Trina- I had the opportunity to learn from you in your Boot Camp Mania session at the recent IDEA Fitness Convention. It was such a great learning experience and I want to thank you for that. Thanks again for the inspiration! It really was the session that made the difference for me on this whole trip.
Kim Schwarz, IDEA WORLD Attendee


Hi Trina, I am from tiny Slovenia, running a new club. I met you at IHRSA and love your presentations and education. I love your enthusiasm and honesty. I actually need sometimes a push from behind, like everybody does, but as owner, you mostly are there for others , and nobody with high level of knowledge is behind you. This is just a short info about why I follow everything you do… you keep me motivated.
Polona Gosar Rankovic, 
 FITCITY Fitnes Center, IHRSA Convention Attendee


Hi Trina! My Name is Chris Berger and I am the Membership Director at Club 1 Fitness in Great Bend, Kansas. I recently saw you speak at a conference in Las Vegas and thought you did wonderful. Club 1 Fitness will be celebrating is 40th anniversary in March! We would like to make it a HUGE PARTY! We also kick off our corporate challenge during this time. We need someone to come in and get everyone pumped up for this. We want YOU to travel here!
Chris Berger, IHRSA Convention Attendee


Good Morning Trina, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the energy you brought to the ‘Celebrate Your Way to Success’ session last week at the IDEA Convention. I feel completely re-energized this week about fitness, life and the 3 teams I lead (family, staff and youth football!!) I would love to find a way to have you personally deliver your energy to our community at the Pechanga Indian Reservation out here in Temecula, CA at some point. Hopefully we can work something out for a future event! Thanks again!
Daniel A. Sletten, IDEA WORLD Attendee