Onsite Business Coaching

As a speaker and presenter, I meet fitness professionals from all over the world. I am often asked to offer more in-depth, personalized coaching to entire teams at health clubs or fitness facilities. I have traveled from California to Montana to Kansas to Maryland, meeting with owners, mangers and entire staffs. I dig into businesses and offer candid, savvy coaching to help you break through plateaus and implement new programs.

I travel to a limited number of fitness facilities each year to do on-site coaching on leadership, high performance, team building, corporate fitness, specialty boot camps, membership retention and more. My coaching clients are open-minded, eager leaders who want to grow their business and inspire their teams. I love befriending clubs worldwide. Is that you? If so, you are ready for on-site Business Coaching.

Contact, Business Director Kelly@BayAthleticClub.com


“Trina’s presentation was an incredible opportunity to reach out to all of our members and give them a vehicle to achieve their goals. I’m very excited to start Thinner Winner in September and the Corporate Fit program. I also want to get the front desk more involved and improve communication. We loved the whole “surround yourself with support” concept and are excited about getting that thought process through to all of our staff. Trina was awesome. Thank you!”


“Hi Trina, I just wanted to let you know how FANTASTIC your visit was and so timely. Our team is fired up and so inspired! I really appreciated your presentation and you have re-energized me to be the best owner, manager, wife, mother and friend! I would love to keep the MOJO going and want you to know that if I can assist you in any way in the future (not that you need it)….I’m here for you. Wishing you continued success, much love, happiness and health always.”


“Trina, Thanks for the presentation and for your presence. We had a team meeting between 8 locations on Friday, and were discussing in detail how we wanted to incorporate the systems you champion within all locations. What a huge initiative you have inspired with your awesome programs!”


THANK YOU for the amazing information on our coaching call yesterday. It is so valuable to have you helping us out! Lynn mentioned that this is the first time EVER that all of our clubs have been on the same page about anything – which is fantastic!

 We are on fire from your visit still!