After my family vacation, I was in overdrive. Working on my health club, coaching coaching and community projects every night when the kids go to bed. From working on this new website, to writing a speech for the United Way Campaign, I haven’t been getting enough sleep (I promise to fix that) and I wake up and hit it hard again. I’ve actually been producing some of my best ideas, writing and outcomes. Why? Because no matter what…I workout. This week, I’ve rocked a strength training workout, a core workout, Turbokick, Pilates class and two walks with my dog. I’m not training like an elite athlete by any means, but I’m putting in the work. Not to fight the scale, not to burn calories…to de-stress, focus, connect with others and fuel my life! I can’t imagine any excuse in the world (time, too tired, too busy) being more powerful than fitness. #goworkout