Learning (like fitness) doesn’t take the summer off! Of all the things I want my kids to love… physical activity, the outdoors, healthy food, each other, themselves, other people…I also want them to love learning. Every Sunday, after breakfast together, we all get to work! They do a research and writing project while Jeff and I focus on our own work projects. Today, they’re studying different careers. Jade is writing about zoology, and Colt is writing about stone cutting.

Yes, they can use wikipedia, but they also had to check a real book out of the actual library! Who knew!  Last week they wrote about the governments, geography and trade practices of Columbia and Brazil. No worries, they play a ton in the summer, too. They’ll be swimming all afternoon, but it’s fun to learn and grow, too. High five to our education friend Amanda Freeland for being such a huge influence on their summer learning. The Grays love our Sunday routine.