There are many reasons not to exercise and eat healthy. It can be inconvenient to cook, it is hard to make time for fitness and it is just easier to sit on the couch. But these two local women prove that the benefits of living healthy far outweigh the inconveniences along the way. They cut the excuses and changed their lives.

Being 243 pounds was stealing the fun from Rhonda Himes’ life. She used to play volleyball, wallyball and loved golf. As she gained weight, her ability to play diminished and she eventually quit.  She resigned to just working and watching television every night. Rhonda was trudging through life on auto pilot.

When her good friend Cherie Honeycutt extended an invitation to exercise, Rhonda hesitated because she tried to lose weight before and failed. She was impatient for results and quit. She did not want to waste money on a health club membership only to give up again. But she knew staying overweight could cost more. Rhonda decided to give it her all.

Having Cherie as a workout buddy helped. They met up for workouts, joined group fitness classes together and eventually tackled boot camps like TRX Burn, Body Beauty and the 21 Day Slimdown. Rhonda was having fun, making fitness a way of life and not just focusing on the scale. It worked.

Her work paid off. In six months Rhonda lost 58 pounds. Consistent workouts, along with cutting fast food lunches and cans of diet Coke all added up to results that keep her fired up to do more.

Rhonda has tons of energy and loves herself, inside and out. She even plans to get her golf clubs back out this year. Fitness has put the fun back into Rhonda’s life.

Joyce Brilinski was tired all the time. She was on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She suffered from pain that made walking or climbing steps a breathtaking challenge. She felt heavy and out of shape.

Her daughters invited Joyce to work out but she worried about keeping up. When her accounting firm joined a Corporate Fit Challenge with Bay Athletic Club, Joyce took action. Her coach designed personalized workouts and suggested cutting out diet Coke, salty snacks and late night eating.

In six weeks, Joyce lost ten pounds and created a new healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits proved to be a major advantage when Joyce underwent a total hip replacement. During recovery she stayed active and ate right. With her doctors approval to workout, she jumped into a TRX Boot Camp. Instead of using her hip as an excuse to quit, Joyce remained committed to her fitness goals.

Joyce has lost 37 pounds in three years. She dropped from a size 16 to a size 10. Her pain is reduced and she no longer needs cholesterol medication. Most importantly, she feels young and energized to be an active grandmother of four.