Living Healthy Is Living Brave

Fast food addiction. Binge eating. Smoking. Multiple Sclerosis. Cystic Fibrosis. Cancer. Obesity. Postpartum depression. Pain killers. Medication. Surgery. Death of loved one. Our local community members fought these battles last year to become fitness inspiration stories of 2014. The annual Fitness Inspired Gala, hosted by Bay Athletic Club, had the makings of a Hollywood movie, [...]

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California Dreaming: From Alpena, MI to the Beach

No words really do this experience justice, but I'll try. I just landed in Santa Monica for "Superstar Day," a world-class retreat hosted by Beachbody, a company that changed my life. But arriving feels a bit odd for this small-town girl (first class seats, a limo!) and I'm trying to piece together this journey in [...]

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Redefining Work Life Balance

As a working mom, the concept of work-life BALANCE is tough. So, instead of just ignoring it, I am choosing to redefine it. I believe more in being work-life PRESENT.  I am a wife, mom, business owner, fitness coach and presenter. There is not a single day of the year that I'm completely balanced, spending  equal [...]

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Learning (like fitness) doesn't take the summer off! Of all the things I want my kids to love... physical activity, the outdoors, healthy food, each other, themselves, other people...I also want them to love learning. Every Sunday, after breakfast together, we all get to work! They do a research and writing project while Jeff and [...]

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If you know me, you know what WTF stands for...! I just interviewed a fitness mom on a national call tonight about her failures and successes. She was laid off of her high-paying corporate job less than a month ago. She has to make an income for her family while her husband finishes school this [...]

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