No words really do this experience justice, but I’ll try.
I just landed in Santa Monica for “Superstar Day,” a world-class retreat hosted by Beachbody, a company that changed my life. But arriving feels a bit odd for this small-town girl (first class seats, a limo!) and I’m trying to piece together this journey in my own head….
Six years ago, I joined a direct sales fitness company without too much thought or conviction. I had no interest in network marketing, no experience in it, and a bad attitude about it. My parents used to rail on it.But my friend Jenelle was joining and invited me. She was a fitness fanatic like me and we were both used to getting paid little to nothing in the industry! We were in it for the love of it. In fact, we used to navigate snow storms just to get to a local Rec Center to teach TurboKick classes. Our income barely paid for our gas money and workout clothes When I heard about Beachbody, I was truly buried in life. I had just opened my own health club and had two small kids. I could barely take care of what was in front of me, how could I add more? Hmmm. But it sounded adventurous and I’d figure it out. So, I joined. But I sat on it. For a looooooong time. After two years, of paying dues, making some random commissions from at-home fitness programs, I finally decided to take a closer look. What was this company and this mission all about? I like what I found. In fact, I loved it. The company was fueled by purpose and lead by amazing human beings.I started using their meal replacement shake myself and fell in love. It literally helped me rebuild my nutrient-deprived body. I had stomach issues from stress and poor diet, had suffered a terrible mono virus and was seriously just run down. The shakes literally fueled me and I started eating better for my other meals (no more late night bowls of cereal). I lost weight, lost abdominal fat, and gained energy. It all compounded and I started to lead better in ALL areas of my life.I decided to invite my team of trainers at the health club to join me and many did, but others were skeptical like I had been. I also talked to college friends, family and anyone I thought might want to build a fitness team with me. Many said yes, and we were off!! Not long after I finally got ‘engaged’ in the business, my friend Vito joined me. We were friends in a mastermind group and we both knew that there must be a better way to survive owning a gym than working 18 hour days and paying ourselves nothing. We needed to do something big to use our love of fitness in a business that made sense.
So we did.
Along with many other early leaders on the team, like Sharon, Tracie and Rex, we built a huge team across the country of fitness professionals who wanted to add on-line training and nutrition to their existing business in a meaningful way, with a company known for integrity and premium grade products. We named ourselves Team Rockstar Fit and my whole life changed. We branched outside of trainers and group fitness instructors and started inviting fitness hobbyists who wanted to be a part of a fun team who wanted to get in great shape, earn an extra income and dream bigger!THIS WAS IT! I could now help my *own* community get fit with my amazing team at my health club, I could help people *outside* my community get fit (with virtual boot camps) AND *mentor* people across the country how to open their OWN fitness businesses. It was truly the perfect blend.So, here I am, 6 years after joining. I just landed out in Santa Monica for 48-hours of very humbling, superstar treatment (I use that term lightly it’s theirs, not mine!). I’m here with 7 other leaders (called 15-star diamonds) in the industry and our spouses. We were picked up in limos (I think we only have one cab in beautiful Alpena, much less a limo!) and arrived at a 5-star resort on the beach. I feel my heart pounding hard as I type. It’s incredible what you can accomplish if you just decide that you want to make an impact, want to do something to propel your life forward and share something you love.Beachbody is a company I am SO PROUD to be a part of. CEO Carl Daikeler is the most inspiring, humble guy who would rather talk about his failures than successes. He would rather talk about what we still need to do, not what’s been done. He wants to end the trend of obesity and he’s freaking serious about it. The recognition, the fluff is all fine and good, but in his eyes, he cares more about the lives we are changing every single day. So do I.So, I left on a small plane from Alpena this morning (love that airport and staff!) and arrived in Santa Monica with my best friend & husband Jeff, who has been with me every single step of this journey. Many uphills, many falls, many boulders. It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how you get back up. I kept getting up. And I built a team I’m so grateful to work with. Too many names to mention, but you KNOW who you are. You are in my daily life, my world! And I’m so honored to be in yours.I’m here, but this is far from the end of the road. I will continue to build my team, run on-line challenge groups, lead a crusade for fitness in my own community and reach more people. I’ll go to bed knowing that together we’re putting a dent in the universe (thank you, Steve Jobs for that awesome phrase).It’s cool as heck to be here. But it’s way cooler knowing the journey that it took. Being true to myself, building other leaders, showing my kids what it is like to work hard and love what you do and having FUN ALONG THE WAY!