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Understanding and Tackling Obesity

We know that obesity is an epidemic. More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese. The statistics are even higher in northeast Michigan. As a community, we need to acknowledge this growing risk, stop ignoring it and make change. We can help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives by encouraging our friends, family and coworkers [...]

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Use Fitness to Get Through Changes in Life

Changes in life can derail your health or changes in life can be used as fuel to improve your health. You decide. One local woman did it both ways. Her story is inspiring. Life changed in 2007 when Sandy Konarzewski, 44, moved away from her home in Michigan to Indiana and later New Mexico for her husband’s [...]

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Cut the Excuses: Health Just Feels Better

There are many reasons not to exercise and eat healthy. It can be inconvenient to cook, it is hard to make time for fitness and it is just easier to sit on the couch. But these two local women prove that the benefits of living healthy far outweigh the inconveniences along the way. They cut [...]

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Good Health is the Best Medical Care of All

Just as the seasons change quickly in the Spring, from snow to sunshine to rain, our health can turn without notice. My 75-year-old father fell recently. He tripped in the dark, hitting the tile floor hard in the middle of the night. The EMTs, along with my mother, took him to the ER in an [...]

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The Skinny on Surviving Halloween

Halloween is celebrated with costumes, scary movies, haunted houses, decorating pumpkins and of course candy. Grocery stores are stocking their aisles, bins and every square inch near the check out counters with bags of options. We are tempted at every turn. Let’s dive into the candy (not literally) and make some wise choices this weekend. [...]

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Childhood Obesity: The Elephant in the Room

“What breaks your heart?” For me, the answer is childhood obesity. How do you tackle a cause so broad, vast and seemingly out of control? By writing about it, talking about it and engaging people in discussion about it. You tackle it one day and one conversation at time. You pray for it to catch [...]

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